Motta Grande

Height: 2716 m.s.l.m

Region: Lombardia

Province: Sondrio

The Motta Grande is a wide ridge that divides the Val Viola from the Vallaccia Corta, located in the municipality of Valdidentro is one of the most famous routes and known by ski mountaineering lovers. In addition to magnificent views towards the Cima Piazzi and the Viola and Verva valleys allows you to make a beautiful descent from several sides.

An itinerary that presents medium difficulties and can be classified as MS / S2 / E1

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Altitude Difference: 800 m

The classic ascent route starts from Arnoga, along the state road that leads to the Foscagno Pass.To reach it we will follow the road from Isolaccia towards the Foscagno pass, once in Arnoga we will pass the hairpin bend where the Val Viola starts and we will pass the few houses present here, about 500m after passing the hairpin we will meet on our left a large parking lot where we leave the car and start climbing towards the Motta Grande.

The first meters of ascent develop within a fairly dense forest, but with slight slopes, but will last for a few minutes until we return briefly on open slopes near some huts where we will also meet the summer dirt road that leads to some huts, we can already admire the beautiful view towards the Cima Piazzi..

We will follow this road a little and then turn right and start climbing more strongly with higher slopes. The route develops in one of the snowiest environments where there is hardly any snow.

When we return to the woods will begin the most difficult part of the climb with high slopes and an extremely dense forest, we will continue to climb with continuous turns and with a lot of snow are difficult, however we gain in a short time a lot of difference in height and in no time we will cross the wood and we will jump into the amphitheater that leads to the summit of the mountain.

The last part of the climb does not present technical difficulties, the slopes remain high, but we will not have to make delicate and dangerous passages, certainly it is recommended to have mastery in the turn, because even in this case we will continue to climb with continuous turns.


As for the descent there may be various alternatives depending on the snow conditions and other factors.

To Arnoga

We follow the ascent route, taking advantage of the many alternatives, a descent that can be divided into three parts, a first part on open slopes, a second part in the dense forest where we will be forced to follow mandatory tracks due to vegetation and a last part where the forest tends to thin out slightly and leads us to the road.

To make you better understand the descent we leave you with our video