Breglia - Rifugio Menaggio(High path)

General Notes:

Altitude Difference: 630 m

Time: 1h 20'

Phisical Effort: Normal

Difficulty: E


Breglia is a small village located above Menaggio at 749 m.a.s.l

To reach it from the Regina state road we must exit following the signs for Menaggio and descend towards the village for about 200m,we will find a sign with the signs for Plesio that will make us turn left and that we will have to follow.

We will follow the main road until before entering Plesio we will find a sign for Breglia with also written the missing mileage,which will make us turn left,following a fairly wide road that will lead us to the village of Breglia,right at the beginning of the latter,we will find a nice parking place near a church and a sign with signs for Monte Grona,Rifugio Menaggio.

il paesino di Breglia per salire al Rifugio Menaggio

After parking the car we will begin to walk following the paved road that is indicated by signs for a 50 meters,after which our path begins, turning right between some houses.

The route always well marked by signs or signs with indicated refuge for about 30' goes up in the middle of woods cutting the paved road that is only rarely traveled by cars that goes up with a succession of hairpin bends up to the Mountains of Breglia.

rifugio menaggio1

During this first part the always precise signs will allow us to quickly make this first mzz'oretta of walking, passing sometimes even between some houses and from this point we can already admire a really beautiful landscape on the lake.

rifugio menaggio3

rifugio menaggio4

rifugio menaggio5

rifugio menaggio6

rifugio menaggio7

At the end of this first part we will arrive at the Mountains of Breglia,where we could also reach with our cars and park in a large parking lot here,50 meters above which we will find signs for the path and the time that is missing from this point to the refuge,about 1h.

rifugio menaggio8

As soon as we make the first meters the fairly simple path returns flat along a short stretch of a mule track,but only for a few meters.

We will meet the detour sign for the high path and we will be forced to turn right following a path that goes up in the middle of birch vegetation.

rifugio menaggio9

rifugio menaggio10

The snetiero returns to climb all start slightly after about 20 ' we will find along our path a detour near an antenna, we will turn left always following the signs for Monte Grona and Rifugio Menaggio, while going right we could have reached Monte Bregagno

rifugio menaggio11

rifugio menaggio12

As soon as the bush allows us we can see the beautiful Grona mountain with the refuge at its feet.

Il monte Grona con ai piedi il rifugio Menaggio

The refuge is about 15 minutes away, however no longer uphill except for a short stretch,in fact most of it is along a beautiful path that runs along the slopes of the mountain and that allows us to admire a fabulous view of the lake that divides into two branches.

Towards the end of the trail we will find a short chain that could be useful in case of ice which however is quite superfluous on the remaining days.

rifugio menaggio14

Finally we reach the refuge, which we can keep as a prefexted half or as a starting point to reach the summit of Mount Grona.

Il rifugio Menaggio

Il rifugio Menaggio ai piedi del Monte Grona