Piani d'Erna - Rifugio Azzoni

General Notes:

Altitude Difference: 530 m

Phisical Effort: Normal


Climbing to Rifugio Azzoni is also possible from piani d'Erna where we have many paths:

1° From Giuff Pass

Time: 2h

Difficulty: EE

Once we have climbed the cable car, we will have to go back down the dirt road to the Rifugio Marchett, up to the bocchetta d'erna, where we will meet a junction with many paths, we will have to take a small uphill path ,but only for a few meters, which will head towards the old skilift of Piani d'Erna. The trail will cross the old ski slopes, now disused and abandoned.

We arrive in the blink of an eye at the Giuff pass here we will find some signs towards the Forbesette but we will have to avoid it and following this last path, we will take the path to the right of the latter.

The path in this stretch of path always remains in the middle of a beech forest and even on the hottest days gives a beautiful coolness.

However, after about 1 hour of walking, we will arrive at a small rocky jump of about 6-7m where we have to help ourselves with chains,positioned on the rock;it is the only real difficulty of the path,which could create many problems for those who suffer from dizziness.

After this stretch, we remain inside the forest for another 10', before leaving it.

The path in this section is very rocky,however always visible,always developing flat; passed this short piece that allows us to admire the majestic ridges of the Resegone.

After this short stretch of about 100m, the real climb begins, the path becomes very leaning and we gain meters in a short time, taking us always slightly to the coast, until we rejoin the path that goes up from Morterone and we will be able to see the refuge 200 m away,in just under 10', we will then be able to reach the refuge

  2° Path 5 and 1( Normal route to Resegone)

Time: 1 h e 50'

Difficulty: E

Another alternative is to follow the path 5, once we get off the cable car, we have follow the dirt road that will lead us to the Bocchetta d'erna; once we reach the bocchetta we will follow the flat path towards the Passo del Fo.



Initially the path continues between ups and downs in the middle of meadows and woods,however after about 10' you will meet again with path number 1 just below the Bedoletta,once recolegged with path 1 we should abandon path number 5 that goes down to the Passo del Fo and go up path number 1(Via normale da Lecco).Once you reach path number 1, the track we are following will go slightly downhill towards the Passo del Fo and the Ghislandi hut, we will turn left and now follow path 1 forward.

To discover the route of ascent once you reach the junction, we refer you to our article on the Normal Route.