Sentiero Direttissima

General Notes:

Altitude Difference:1000m

Time: 3h

Phisical Effort: High

Difficulty: EE - EEA


The path of the Direttissima is one of the many alternatives that we have to climb up to the bivouac Ferrario at the summit of Grignetta( southern Grigna).

The route starts from the Piani Resinelli, once parked the car in the large parking lots at the entrance of the village,take the road that goes up to the Forno dei Resinelli,always following the paved road after about 100m we will turn left following an asphalt road that goes up to the Rifugio Porta.

After about 5 minutes we arrive at the last parking lot and the asphalt gives way to the dirt road, we find a sign that indicates that the rifugio Porta is still 100m away.

Just past the parking lot we find on our left the path that begins to climb towards the Grigna,we walk a first stretch through the meadows before returning to a hardwood forest and meet the path that goes up from the Porta Refuge.

The path goes up quite quickly on a fairly gravelly bottom,but after 5 minutes we will find the signs for the path of the Direttissima(number 8) that will make us turn left, leaving the short stretch of the Cermenati ridge that we were going along.

For a short distance we will follow the path downhill, and then turn right following the signposts.

We begin to climb among expanses of meadows and magnificent rocky spires that make the Grignetta so famous and renowned.

We pass the Caimi Gully, after which the path becomes much harder and more difficult, and gains in a short time many meters of altitude difference.

After about 30 ' from the Caimi, begins the most "suro stretch of the path", we climb on rocky spurs with the help of chains and we can look if we wanted to climb only with the help of hands,without having to use the chain,after this piece we should face a small cross on some pegs that allow us to overcome a rocky gully and bring us to the entrance of the Pagani caminetto.

In this section the Path that is classified EE,could be considered as an EEA(Expert hiker equipped),it is possible to face it without ferrata kit,however for those who were a hair less safe to carry harness and kit in the backpack could help us a lot.

At the beginning the Pagani caminetto has two fairly exposed and steep stairs, before facing a small rocky spur that we manage to overcome without any kind of problem.

We enter a breathtaking scenographic context, we are in the middle of the spires,towers that make the grignetta so unique,the path in this stretch is a continuous climb and descend between the spires where more than once are placed chains that help us in the ascent,as soon as we exit the gully we must avoid following the path that goes up to where the sign prohibiting access is placed.

Always following the main path,sometimes not always very visible, where we should always follow the trail signs, we will reach a signpost where we should take the path to the ago Teresina, going up the canalone Angelina.

The path will meet the Cecilia path, coming from the Rosalba refuge, where we will turn right.

The path will immediately tend to descend slightly,before facing short stretches with chains,not at all dangerous.




This stretch continues to rise and fall for short stretches encountering stretches with chains, until we reach a small and short gully that we will descend thanks to the help of chains.



At the end of the gully will begin a challenging climb and with high slopes up to the intersection with the Cermenati Cresta,this short stretch although hard will last for about 20',once you reach the cermenati we will face a short channel,which will lead us to the summit.




The last meters before the summit we will have to climb them using as an aid a chain that in not even 5 minutes will lead us to the summit.