Sentiero Cecilia

General Notes:

Altitude Difference: 580 m

Time: 1h e 30'

Phisical Effort: Normal

Difficulty: EE


The Cecilia path is a beautiful path that leads from Rifugio Rosalba to the summit of Grignetta.

The route can be carried out both starting from the refuge and downhill, there is no pre-established choice whether it is better to face it from one or the other direction.

We will present you the path along it uphill from the Rosalba refuge, right from the refuge the path starts.

Initially the path is not difficult to face,it has fairly high slopes but that last for a short time,in fact in about 5' from the refuge we will reach a first vent,Colle Garibaldi,from which we can admire the path behind us that we have just faced.



From Colle Garibaldi the path will go down for a few meters and then go back up for short stretches with some ups and downs and with some points where ropes and chains are placed as well as some pegs and a short downhill gully.



In a short time we will reach Colle Valsecchi from which come various paths such as the Direttissima and the path from Val Scarettone,we will also find deviations to the Elisa refuge.

After the junction we will continue to climb along rocky stretches where there are chains that will allow us if we are beginners to climb with less difficulty.


The path is a continuous succession of easy and little exposed sections with sections where there are chains that although they do not help us if we have some more fear,the path in this section is extremely panoramic with an infinity of spires and towers that make the Grignetta unique in its kind.



After a short descent we will have to face the most technical part of the route,in fact we will face a series of exposed sections with chains,sometimes if we are not experts we will have to use the chains and make traction with them to overcome some jumps.



At the end of this technical section we will find a short gully that we will have to face downhill,quite challenging but also in this case the chains present here help us in our descent.


Once the gully is finished we will face a steep and challenging climb until we meet at a crossroads the Cresta Cermenati that rises from the Piani dei Resinelli, always remaining in a magnificent environment.




The arrival at the summit is now close,in fact in about 10-15' we will reach the summit of the Grignetta, but first we will face a very wide and not at all challenging gully that will lead us to the foot of the summit that we will reach thanks to some chains not at all challenging that do not even serve that will take us to the summit.