Cresta Sinigaglia

General Notes:

Altitude Difference: 894 m

Time: 2 h

Phisical Effort: Normale

Difficulty: EE


Cresta Sinigaglia together with the Sentiero Direttissima is one of the most beautiful routes to climb in Grignetta.

The start of the ridge is located at the Piani resinelli where you can park the car at the entrance to the village;once parked we will have to go up to the forno dei piani and then up to the rifugio Porta.



From the refuge we will find the signs for the Sinigaglia ridge, just behind the refuge, for about 5' begins a flat path with some downhill part that leads us to the foot of the canalone Porta,another possible way to climb to the top of the Grignetta.


The path will pass the gully leading to the right and from there we will find the signs for the ridge again, near the sign we will take a fairly narrow path that begins to climb to the left with respect to another path that descends towards the rifugio Soldanella.

Just after the junction the path becomes extremely challenging with high slopes and on a fairly slippery ground,in some places we will have to help ourselves with our hands to be able to climb,in a short time we will get out of the vegetation and arrive along the grassy ridges of the Grignetta.


We quickly gain meters in altitude, finding some detours for some torions of the grigne, a coveted destination for any mountaineer.


The landscapes become wonderful, with the typical spires and torions that make the grignetta so unique in its kind.



At about halfway the path paves for a few meters leading to the foot of a gully that we will have to climb with many difficulties due to the very high slopes and the stony and slippery bottom.

Once you reach the end of the gully the path flattens and moves to the left,after about 100m we will find a path that turns right with a small sign that does not indicate anything,choose whether to climb this path or continue straight on the path still flat makes no difference in the end they will meet both along the ridge.

In our case we continue straight and we find ourselves in the final part of the canalone Porta,here we could admire the various ropes that go up the torione Magnaghi,we once reached the canalone we will go back up always following the trail signs on a very leaning path and where we will also have to help us with our hands.





Once at the end of this stretch we will find ourselves right along the sinigaglia ridge,and on the ridge our path reconnects with the previous detour.

We will cover this ridge for a short stretch, until we arrive at salto del gatto,the most technical stretch of the route that we will have to overcome using the chain here placed together with some pegs, this short stretch is quite exposed and certainly not ideal for those who suffer from dizziness.



Once the cat jump is over, we will follow a short gully until we return along the ridge that will lead us to the summit,the Ferrario bivouac located right at the top is well vesibile, we will follow a beautiful path until we meet again some chains that will lead us to the junction for the high crossing,we will continue on our path where we will find chains again at the end of which we will face a small gully downhill where chains will always help us.




Now the summit is next we will face only the last stretch quite vertical where the presence of chains always helps us in our climb, until we come out right near the top.