Cresta Cermenati

General Notes:

Altitude Difference: 980m

Time: 2h

Phisical Effort: High

Difficulty: E


The cermenati ridge is certainly the easiest but at the same time the most boring way to reach the summit of the Grignetta,as for other routes,the beginning takes place from the Rifugio Porta,the path immediately looks very leaning and exposed for most of its time in the sun.

After about 5 ' from the start we arrive at the junction with the path of the direttissima where we will have to keep right and go up the grassy slope that is placed in front of us,on beautiful days you can see from below the path that goes up along the grassy ridge.

As mentioned it is quite monotonous as a path, it always maintains high slopes on a very gravelly ground,we are on the grigne group so the only danger can be represented by the boulders falling from above, which on slopes with very high slopes like this,become real "bullets".

On the hottest days, the path is absolutely to be avoided,the presence of many rocks,the exposure practically almost always sunny fan it become a real oven.

At about 110 m of altitude difference from the summit,we meet the only path that rises from a gravelly gully to our left,is the famous Cecilia path( EE) that connects the summit of grignetta with the Rosalba Refuge.

The last 100 m of altitude difference are very quick to overcome,in fact the path heads along a channel where a natural "ladder" of stones makes us quickly gain meters.


The last meters present "a small and short climb", nothing impossible and dangerous, indeed there are many holds in addition to a chain that makes us overcome this short stretch of about 20m in length.


Finally we reach the summit of the Grignetta where there is also the bivouac Ferrario.