Adda's Bicycle Path (Ciclabile Adda): Lecco - Brivio

General Notes:

Lenght: 17,5 km

Terrani: Asphalt , Dirt Road


The route that we present today is one of the most beautiful from the environmental landscape , it develops entirely along the Adda's river,being able to cycle from Lecco to Milan.

The start of this route is located just after the Azzone Visconti bridge, on Malgrate side of the river.

After passing a small gas station we enter in our track,at the beginning we are on a beautiful cobblestone and we can already admire beautiful landscapes, such as the ancient Pescarenico, where some events of Promessi sposi have been narrated.



After this stretch of about 300 m we enter a short secondary road, where no cars pass except those who must enter their boat in the river.

This stretch is very short about 200m, finished which we will definitely enter the bicycle path, for those who have families and want to bring their children, should not fear because he almost never finds anyone in the car.





We will bike alongside the Lake of Garlate that will accompany us till to Olginate, the track is bordered by a red strip.




At a certain point the track moves from the lake near the road for about 500 m, however it is a sort of pavement differentiated from the road and always indicated with a red asphalt, after passing the sports center of prato grande, we will return on the lake and the path will become a dirt road.



We arrive alongside of Olginate and we will pass the dam,in this stretch we should moderate the speed, due to the high amount of people walking and especially the children playing in the nearby park.



From now on, the track is always a dirt road that crosses the railway bridges and the new Olginate bridge, entering the Adda Nord natural park




The naturalistic context is fantastic we can admire flora and fauna in its natural environment

On the route we also find a series of stone/wood bridges that allow us to cross the various little rivers without problems and difficulties





At a certain point the wood to our right becomes a farmer land,and we are now approaching Brivio.



As soon as we arrive in Brivio,a barrier indicates the entry into the little town, but you overcome it by staying on bike. We will enter in Brivio and from here we colud decide to continue long the bicyle path or return in Lecco.



In case we wanto to continue to bike, we can go in the second part of the bicycle path, from Brivio to Trezzo sull'Adda.

2nd part of Adda's Bicycle Path: Brivio-Trezzo sull'Adda

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